Off-Lease Color Copiers


Good for the Environment – Good for your Budget


Off Lease Color Copiers

Extremely Low Print Counts

Free Delivery and Installation

Save up to 80% off of Original MSRP



Purvis Business Systems is your source for Off-Lease Color Copier Systems.   We specialize in Kyocera and Toshiba Lease Return Models. Before any system is offered for sale, it is thoroughly inspected and serviced by our team of Service Technicians. All parts that show wear, or parts that we believe will cause you down time, are replaced before the Copier is ever delivered to your place of business.

With our reconditioned equipment, you will experience the benefits of a like-new machine – at a price that is significantly less than new. We make sure that when these machines leave our facility they are in perfect working order and are ready to give you many years of reliable service.

All Reconditioned copiers we sell are eligible for the Purvis “PrintSmart” Comprehensive Maintenance/Warranty Program. Once again, we take the responsibility for assuring the performance of your copier. You on the other hand, get to enjoy the dollar savings. It’s a Win -Win situation.