Dahle Shredders


Dahle Shredders is a customer focused organisation looking to provide equipment of the highest quality. Dahle supplies a range of Paper and Media Shredders, Paper Trimmers, cutters and specific office equipment.

Founded in 1930

The Dahle brand was founded and created in 1930 by Wilhelm Dahle. It’s first products were cutting discs for pencil sharpeners. today the company has well and truly shifted into the digital age, producing Printshop and Office Equipment of the highest quality and performance levels – products recognised by customers as simply the best available.

Secure information should never fall into the wrong hands. Dahle paper shredders are your best line of defense in preventing unauthorized access to secure information. Whether it’s personal credit card statements or Top Secret government documents, Dahle has a shredder that will meet your needs.

For Assistance in chosing a Shredder that best fits your needs contact Don Lucas or Gerry Purvis today.     
(601) 485-5364  or  (601) 693-COPY

Great Brand, Great Technology

Dahle products are safe and easy to use. All are designed with customer comfort and real functionality in use in mind. it’s all about the benefits to customers. Precision engineered, high quality finish and workmanship, long lasting sturdy materials – it’s the Dahle signature – equipment that is of premium performance, durability and offers ease of use. At Dahle Shredders we are focused on the human element, it’s what the Dahle brand is all about.

German engineering with advanced performance and safety features available, Dahle is the premium manufacturer of precision personal, office and printshop products and equipment.